Questionnaire for Hydropower Projects

Contact data:
Company / name:
Contact person:
Address / street:
Country / ZIP Code / City:
Mobile phone:
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Project name:
Site location:

Technical Data:
1. Gross head (m):
2. Net head (m):
3. Design flow (m┬│/s):
4. Available water flow (Please attach the flow duration curve, if available):
100 days a year at least:
200 days a year at least:
300 days a year at least:
5. Power house elevation above sea level (m a.s.l.):
6. Distance between turbine axis and tail water level (centre of shaft / runner) (m):
7. Penstock:
length (m)
inner diameter (mm)
wall thickness (mm)
maximum acceptable pressure surge (water hammer) (%)
8. Operation mode:
9. Grid voltage and frequency:
(V) (Hz)
10. Maximum consumer load in case of isolated operation (kW)
11. Type of generator: synchronous induction (asynchronous)
preferred generating voltage (V):
In case of an existing power station please send us drawings and photos showing the arrangement of the turbine units.
12. Scope of supply: